Custom Brass Manifolds

Brass manifolds serve the role of directing the fluids flowing from different directions and redirecting them in different directions anew. What’s more, they can be applied to control the flow rates and mass, rendering an optimized flow rate of the proceeding fluid based on the features of the fluid. Our brass manifolds are made of high quality brass alloy, which can be corrosion-proof and endurable. They, more often than not, are used in a number of fluid handling scenarios. For instance, they can be frequently found in underfloor heating system and sanitary water. Meanwhile, we can supply both standardized and customized designs which can be suitable for different applications. If you need it, our products will be a good choice for you.

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منیفولد هیدرولیک
منیفولد هیدرولیک

What You Can Enjoy From HM?

We can offer both customized and standardized brass manifolds to satisfy your diversified and personal needs. We not only design the manifolds for you, also we supply many options for fitting assemblies like different inlet and outlet threads and manifold adapters to easily connect to your mold. This will make you achieve one-stop shopping, saving redundant trouble for you. What’s more, our brass manifolds are suitable for nearly all ball valves and are therefore very flexible.

What You Can Enjoy From HM

Our Manifolds Facilitate Your Life

HM - سازنده قابل اعتماد منیفولد برنجی شما در چین
HM - سازنده قابل اعتماد منیفولد برنجی شما در چین

سیستم های گرمایشی: 

A چند برابر is the center of the whole heating system. One manifold can help distribute water from the water source into several routes and also control the flow rate and mass of water. In other words, it is like a bridge connecting each part of the heating system. One significant advantage of our brass manifolds lies in its superior thermal conductivity, which enables the energy-saving distribution of hot water throughout the plumbing system. Meanwhile, the balanced distribution of heat can save energy and reduce the risk of uneven heating. Taking the factor into consideration, it is quite applicable for heating applications like underfloor heating systems. 

سیستم های لوله کشی: 

Brass features an excellent corrosion resistance property. It is highly rust-proof, even in humid or acidic environments. This makes brass manifolds a good option for use both indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile, our brass manifolds can ensure a purified and safe water supply, for the water flowing through the manifold can be spared from any contamination.

What's Unique About Brass Manifolds?

What's Unique About Brass Manifolds?
What's Unique About Brass Manifolds?

Durable property: Our brass manifolds are made of premium alloy, which can endure long-term wear and tear and adapt to harsh environments.

نصب آسان: Given that brass is softer than other metals like stainless steel, brass manifolds are relatively easy to install.

دوستدار محیط زیست: Brass manifolds are designed to provide efficient fluid distribution, which is beneficial for reducing energy consumption and lowering costs.

مقاوم در برابر خوردگی: Brass manifolds are to some extent superior to aluminum manifolds, for aluminum is more susceptible to  corrosion when exposed to acidic water. Given the unique characteristics of brass, it renders stronger corrosion resistance.

مقاومت در برابر درجه حرارت بالا: Brass can withstand temperatures as high as 180°C or 356°F. Therefore, our products can be exposed to high temperatures or be sun-scorched.

طراحی انعطاف پذیر: There are various types and sizes for our brass manifolds. We can supply three-way, four-way and even five-way manifolds for you. Here we can also  offer various accessories for you. For example, our manifolds are available with various threads like NPT and BSP. You can purchase any fittings from us when you purchase our products.

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